Detox Drinks to Pass a Drug Test — Top Products and How to Use Them?

At most workplaces, random drug tests are conducted at least once per quarter, although the frequency may vary from one organization to another. For instance, in workplaces with more than 1000 workers, over 71 percent test for drug usage. At least 40% of American adults have taken weed in their lifetime. 17% of these adults in the US consume it frequently. Approximately 5% of adults in the US tested positive for weed during the 2022 work-mandated drug tests. This means about 1 in 3 people who smoke weed tested positive for weed at their workplace, leading to consequences that were unpalatable. The high rate of positive testing is mostly due to little to no notice given prior to the random drug tests. This emphasizes the need for in-depth knowledge on the best detox drink to pass urine drug test, which can help quickly and successfully, especially among weed smokers.

This article will give a detailed discussion on detoxification, detox drinks, pills, and kits, give reviews of some detox products, and answer some frequently asked questions.

best detox drink to pass urine drug test

How Do Detox Drinks Help to Pass a Drug Test?

Urine drug tests are the most common drug test type. It is a painless test also known as a urine drug screen, or UDS. It examines your urine to check for specific illegal narcotics and prescription pharmaceuticals. You need to provide a sample of urine for the drug test. Urine drug tests are most frequently used to detect the presence of alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, methadone, and opioids. Someone can perform urine tests at the workplace, in a medical facility, or in a public restroom under supervision.

Algorithm of the Urine Testing Process

A supervised urine drug test procedure usually includes the following steps:

  1. You will receive the test sample container.
  2. Then you leave all your belongings outside the test room and empty your pockets as well.
  3. A same-gender supervisor might accompany you into the bathroom to ensure you follow all the necessary procedures.
  4. You are supposed to clean your genital area with a moist cloth and urinate in the cup yourself. The required quantity is at least 45 ml.
  5. The laboratory measures and confirms that the urine sample’s temperature is acceptable.
  6. They can send the sample for testing after sealing it.

How Long Does Weed and Other Substances Presence in Urine?

THC, or delta-9-hydrocannabinol, is the most common component of weed. Cannabis drug tests measure THC and its metabolites. These metabolites stay in your body long after the effects of marijuana have subsided. Cannabis metabolites attach to fat molecules in your body because they are fat-soluble. Thus, for someone with higher body fat, it takes a longer time for cannabis to naturally leave the body system. THC is detectable in the blood and saliva 2–24 hours after use, and detectable for as long as 90 days after the last use in your urine and hair follicles.

The detection window of drugs in the urine varies and depends on the body mass, the degree of hydration, the acidity of the urine, and the duration of the medication use. An individual’s urine will test positive for a drug for a longer period of time, the more frequently and heavily they use it.

Below is a table detailing the detection windows for weed and other substances in urine:

Drug Detection times after use

  • Single-use
  • Three times a week
  • Daily use
  • Heavy daily use

  • 2 days
  • 2 weeks
  • 2-4 weeks
  • up to 12 weeks
Alcohol 7-12 hours
Amphetamines 2-3 days
Short acting benzodiazepines 3-5 days
Long acting benzodiazepines About 30 days
Buprenorphine About 11 days
Cocaine metabolites 2-4 days
Codeine 1-2 days
Fentanyl 2-3 days
Heroin or morphine 1-3 days
Methadone 3-4 days
Oxycodone 1-3 days

All You Need to Know about Detoxification

The aim of many weed detoxes is to flush out THC from the body, and these detoxes include drinks, chewable tablets, mouthwashes to pass a saliva test, shampoos, and capsules.

Best Detox Drink for THC Drug Test

It is important to note that there are a number of detox drinks on the market, but successful drug testing depends on getting the best product. You should consider the following characteristics when making your choice: Ease of use, accessibility, stellar recommendations, safety, and high effectiveness.

Marijuana detoxes come in a variety of forms and their function is to support the body’s natural detoxification process. They aim to dilute the urine to undetectable levels of THC metabolites and restore its original color, pH, and minerals during the process. THC detox drinks supplement your urine sample with vitamins and minerals to hide the presence of metabolites in the urine.

Detox drinks only momentarily eliminate a significant amount of THC from the body in less than 90 minutes and mask the rest. For 5 hours after consumption, THC is prevented from being detectable by the body. After this window ends, THC gets filtered into urine by the kidneys and becomes detectable. There will be further reviews of the top THC detox drinks later in this article.

Detox Pills and Kits

Detox kits usually include high-quality herbal ingredients that have been specially selected to quicken the body’s natural detoxification process. They rid the body’s system of THC metabolites and resupply it with essential nutrients for healing and detoxification.

Detox kits usually contain cranberry extract and vitamin B, which are great at reducing some of the side effects of detoxification. Detox kits and pills are most applicable when you need to quickly clear your system of any remaining THC in order to start a T-break or if you need to detox from marijuana in order to pass your drug test. Typically, detox kits include liquids and capsules.

The Toxin Rid Kit is an example of an effective detox kit. It consists of natural herbs and does its detoxification in about an hour. This feature makes it extremely attractive to many people.

When to Detox for THC

If you consume weed frequently, here are some scenarios that might require detoxification:

  1. Pre-employment tests: When going for an interview, knowledge of your prospective employer’s drug testing policy is a must. It is better to err on the side of caution and undergo a detox ahead of interviews or resumptions.
  2. DOT compliance for drivers: Their employees are expected to test negative for drug tests in accordance with the Department of Transportation’s policy. Medical marijuana is not an acceptable reason for testing positive. Therefore, detoxes would surely come in handy for these employees routinely.
  3. Probation check: Most individuals on probation are not expected to consume alcohol or illegal drugs, even if their first offense was unrelated to drunk driving. They are also subject to random drug tests that they must comply with or else they violate their probation, which is a serious offense. Having detoxification as an option is definitely helpful.
  4. Child custody cases: To avoid potential evidence that proves child endangerment or abuse.
  5. Federal aid applications: Students with drug-related convictions become ineligible for student aid, such as grants and loans. Detoxing would prevent this.

Tips for a Successful Detox

Where you are required to undergo a urine drug test and are sure to fail to go by these detection times, detoxification is probably your best and only option. Here are some useful tips during detoxification to achieve successful testing :

  1. Stay well hydrated: Massive hydration helps clear out toxins from the urine; however, this also flushes out creatinine. Low levels of creatinine in a urine sample raise suspicions, which means there will be a need to supplement lost creatinine with protein-rich foods such as eggs, red meat, or creatinine supplements.
  2. Empty your bladder at least three times before taking the test on that day. Coffee and cranberry juice cause the kidneys to work faster and facilitate more urination. You can also use 80 mg of Lasix for this purpose.
  3. Schedule your test for later in the day (if you can) to allow for more urination.
  4. Avoid all contact with weed, even passively.
  5. Take aspirin about 4 hours before your test. Aspirin helps to impede the signals in the Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) used in urine tests. You can use 4×325 mg tablets to achieve a false negative result.
  6. Avoid exercising: Workouts burn fats and release the THC resident in the fat cells back into the bloodstream, which makes them easily detectable.
  7. Take the detox products you purchased.

What are the Best Detox Drinks for Weed?

This section will do a detailed review of some detox drinks.

Reviews of Detoxify Mega Clean

Detoxify Mega Clean

Scoring Criteria:

It has a great user experience with the following scoring highlights:

  • Packaging: 4.5/5
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Cost: 3/5
  • Safety: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Detox Drink Description

It is a marijuana cleanse drink manufactured by Detoxify and people with high fat content and heavy weed intake find it works excellently well for them.

Each order of the Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Drink comes with:

  • 1-liter bottle of Mega Clean Cleansing Drink (fortified with Mata-Boost)
  • Complete instructions in English
  • Free six capsules of Detoxify Precleanse

The ingredients of this drink are :

Ingredient Function
Creatinine monohydrate Supplemental creatinine
Burdock root extract For healthy urinary, digestive, and circulatory systems
Guarana seed extract For healthy metabolism
American ginseng root extract For sustained energy
Milk thistle seed extract Supports liver function

Instructions for use

  1. Stay away from weeds completely.
  2. Commence your cleansing with the detoxify pre-cleanse herbal supplement 12–24 hours before using the Mega Clean for optimal results.
  3. On the test day, shake the Mega Clean detox drink very well and drink the whole contents within 15 minutes.
  4. Refill the bottle with water, shake vigorously, and drink again for another 15 minutes.
  5. Urinate at least twice, and then go for your test.


  • It has a pre-cleanse option for extra safety and detox.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It has a 5-hour window.


  • It requires at least a day’s notice to take the PreCleanse herbal supplement for good results.

User Testimonials

Detoxify Mega Clean

The user gave an excellent feedback about the product.

Detoxify Mega Clean drink

The customer testified to the positive effect of the product.

Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Drink

The user had a negative experience with the product.


This drink usually costs $49.9 on Amazon and $39.9 on the Detoxify official website.

Reviews of Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Drink\

Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Drink

Scoring Criteria:

Most users have scored this detox cleanse drink for weed like this :

  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Speed: 3.5/5
  • Cost: 3.5/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Detox Drink Description

It is a very potent cleanser. It contains the same components as the standard Total Detox products, but the concentrated formula is five times stronger. You must be toxin-free for at least 48 hours before using it, and its is very effective for heavy exposure.

Below are the ingredients in this drink :

Ingredient Function
Proprietary Blend (L-Taurine, Methylsulfonylmethane, D-Ribose, L-Lysine, and Niacin) Detoxifying agent
Sodium benzoate To preserve freshness
Filtered Water As a diluent
Natural and artificial flavors For appealing taste and smell

Instructions for use

  1. Avoid toxins 48 hours before use.
  2. Drink the entire bottle 60-90 minutes before the test time.
  3. Refill with water and repeat the above step 4 times.
  4. Avoid milk and other dairy products.
  5. Urinate frequently and report for your test.


  • Very effective.
  • Suitable for heavy exposures.
  • Various flavors are available


  • Requires you to be toxin-free 48 hours prior.

User Testimonials

Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Drink

The user was excited about the product as it worked excellently.

Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Drink Review

The customer testified to the effectiveness of the product.

Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Drink

The user had a negative experience with the use of the product.


It costs $44.95 on the Stinger Buzz website and $39.98 on Amazon, excluding shipping costs.

Reviews of Qcarbo32

Qcarbo32 Detox Drink

Scoring Criteria:

  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Speed: 4.5/5
  • Cost: 4/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Detox Drink Description

Herbal Cleanse produces this detox drink. Several natural herbs are used in this detox drink to help the body get rid of toxins. Its greatest advantage is the same-day detox that it offers.

Below are the ingredients in this detox drink:

Ingredient Functions
Proprietary blend For detoxification
Maltodextrin Serves as a preservative
Creatinine monohydrate Supplemental creatinine
Dandelion root extract Improves digestion
Alfalfa leaf extract Aids metabolism

Instructions for Use

  1. Cease eating everything for 2 hours before consuming this beverage.
  2. Shake the container vigorously for complete mixing.
  3. Consume the entire contents of the bottle within a consistent 10-minute period.
  4. Refill the bottle with water after 30 minutes and continue to drink for an additional 10 minutes.
  5. Urinate frequently.


  • Same-day detox.
  • Various flavors are available, including grape and tropical.
  • Easy-to-use one-step detox.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Contains a natural diuretic that excretes toxins by facilitating urination.


  • Various herbs included in this product can lead to side effects such as allergies.

User Testimonials

Qcarbo32 Drink

User testified to the efficiency of the product.

Qcarbo32 Detox Drink

The customer gave positive feedback on the effectiveness of the product for weed.

Qcarbo32 Detox Drink Review

The user gave a warning about the product.


It costs $33.97 on Amazon without shipping and $52 on Herbal Clean with shipping costs.

Homemade Detox Drinks for Drug Test

It is important to mention that besides these ready-to-drink synthetic detox drinks, homemade detox drinks are also highly effective. Common ingredients that are included are lime/lemon, cucumber, watermelon, ginger, apple cider vinegar, cranberry, grapefruits, etc. To achieve effective detoxification with homemade drinks, dietary modifications and abstinence from weed should be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Detox Drink?

A drink that serves as a substitute, to flush out toxins for those who are unable to do multiple-day detox options such as abstinence, treatment programs, etc

Will Detox Drinks Help You Pass a Drug Test?

This will answer the question, do detox drinks work for weed? Detox drinks have helped countless numbers of people pass their drug tests. Although this cleansing effect is temporary, detox drinks do, in fact, remove substantial amounts of THC metabolites and mask them enough to pass drug tests.

What Is the Best Detox Drink?

The best detox drinks to pass a drug test are usually cost-effective, easy to use, and have consistently positive reviews. Detoxify Mega Clean and Qcarbo32 are highly recommended.

What Drinks Can Clean Your System from Weed?

Detox drinks can cleanse the system from weed. They can be synthetic or homemade. People with medical conditions should pay close attention to the safety manuals so as to be sure they can use them.


When doing a rapid urine drug test, detox drinks are the preferred option because they can conceal drugs from detection. Detailed information of various detox products is essential, this will guarantee you understand it and have made your selection with adequate information. The best cleansing drinks must be affordable, safe, easy to use, and come highly recommended. Mega Clean’s detoxify comes highly recommended for its effectiveness, while Qcarbo32 is preferred for its quick onset of action in bringing about the desired results.