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Coordinator of Diversity PART TIME – 24 hours per week Job description:The Coordinator of Diversity will assist COSAC to advance its outreach to underserved populations. Under the direction of the Executive Director, and reporting to the Director of Communications & Marketing, the Coordinator will help to implement strategies that promote cultural competency throughout all of COSAC’s services. The Coordinator will identify and work with culturally diverse autism populations such as Hispanic, Asian American, African-American, Native American Indians, gay and lesbian individuals, non-English speaking persons, persons living in rural, isolated areas, persons with multiple disabilities such as deaf-blindness, persons who are medically fragile, persons with AIDS, migrants, etc. The Coordinator will assist in the creation and implementation of public education and awarenesscampaigns and establish relationships in underserved communities and market COSAC materials in places where underserved groups tend to seek information and services. Messages and information will be sensitive to the differences of ethnic and non-English speaking populations. Because rural populations tend to be isolated and remote, and since access to information and availability of services for this population is limited, the Coordinator will identify special events such as county fairs and rural services such as county extension agencies to disseminate pertinent COSAC information. Desirable Qualifications: l       Ability to expand existing efforts to provide underserved populations with helpful information. l       Ability to build partnerships with non-traditional partners and communities. l       Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines. l       Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues. l       Basic computer skills. l       Bilingual in Spanish. l       Creativity. l       Experience with developing and implementing diversity initiatives. l       Familiarity with diversity best practices. l       Outreach. l       Project planning. l       Research. l       Skill in speaking publicly to diverse audiences. l       Sound judgment. l       Strong leadership, organizational and written communication skills. l       Timely and efficient. Job Activities: l       Establish relationships with relevant groups and serve as a key representative of COSAC in the larger community and professional organizations. l       Identity target underserved populations/audiences. l       Present and/or co-present workshops. l       Promote awareness of diversity issues internally and externally. l       Translate existing materials into Spanish. Project Responsibilities: l       Develop, establish and coordinate a plan to address outreach needs. l       Develop programs, awareness and advocacy to reach underserved populations. l       Develop materials that will be used relative to COSAC’s diversity initiative. l       Disseminate information to diverse populations. l       Establish an evaluation system to monitor the implementation and impact of COSAC’s diversity initiatives. l       Foster and promote diversity outreach on COSAC’s behalf. l       Identify priorities related to COSAC’s diversity initiatives. l       Meet with community leaders to address their unique needs and refer them to appropriate COSAC staff for support, whether inside or outside of the agency. l       Prepare reports on the results of the evaluation of COSAC’s diversity outreach efforts. Send resume to: Mail to: NJCOSAC 1450 Parkside Ave., Suite 22 Ewing, NJ 08638 Attn: Hope Arvanitis Fax to: 609.883.5509 Attn: Hope Arvanitis E-mail to: [email protected] “Diversity Coordinator” in subject line