Age Related Concerns

Local school districts are responsible for providing services to students with disabilities through age 21; other state funding sources assume the responsibility for services after individuals graduate from school. Services for people with disabilities over age 21 are referred to as ‘adult services’ and, just as the autism spectrum covers a wide range of functional abilities, so do services and supports for adults with disabilities.  This area of the website will review the current state of autism services for adults in New Jersey. The primary source of services for adults with autism and related disabilities is the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). Click below for a listing of services and their guidelines for eligibility: The Division of Developmental Disabilities Social Security New Jersey Division of Vocational and Rehabilitation Services Other Adult Resources Please contact COSAC’s Adult Resource Initiative at 609-883-8100, extension 48 with questions or for further clarification on any of the topics presented in this section.  COSAC also offers free workshops about adult issues for those interested in learning more.  Click here for more information about these sessions. Understanding New Jersey’s adult service system is difficult for individuals with autism, their caregivers and the community because of the complexity of the issues affecting the adult autism community. COSAC presents a comprehensive DVD series exploring the resources and services, residential and employment needs of New Jersey adults with autism. Part I:   Services & Resources Part II:  Employment Options Part III: Residential Options Medicaid is an important but complicated government program that funds a wide array of medical and long-term care services to eligible children and adults with disabilities. Understanding the program and your eligibility and entitlement will help you get the services you or your family member with autism needs. Click here to download a copy of COSAC’s Medicaid Fact Sheet. This COSAC report highlights the need for a more coordinated and enhanced system of services and supports for adults with autism. COSAC pledged its support to work with the Legislature, the Corzine administration and the autism community to design a model program by developing a more cost-effective use of state and federal matching funds. This will have an immediate impact toward addressing the current needs of adults with autism as well as provide a long-term solution for thousands of New Jersey families. Click here to download a copy of “Meeting the Needs of Adults with Autism: A Blueprint for the Future.” In order for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) to live as independently as possible in the community, they need easily accessible information and resources that would support them to achieve their goals. To that end, COSAC has created a Guide that leads individuals to statewide services and supports that are available to adults with autism in New Jersey. We have attempted to capture a snapshot of New Jersey’s adult service system. Due to the limitations of this snapshot, service provision and agencies may change after this document is published. Please check COSAC’s website,, for periodic updates. Click here to see the Resource Guide