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COSAC believes that the people who can best advocate for autism issues are people with autism and their family members.  We strive to empower individuals with autism and their families to advocate by giving them the information and tools they need and by providing opportunities to interact with state and federal legislators and appointed government officials. COSAC is committed to helping parents become advocates for their children and the autism community as a whole. COSAC has organized a network, the Action Advocates for Autism, that is committed to helping state government find new and better ways of providing services to people with autism and their families. By sharing their personal experiences and concerns with legislators and other state officials, parents may be able to secure a better future for individuals with autism.  COSAC can communicate the needs of our community, but the testimony, letters, and calls of parents and people with autism are the best tools to convince legislators to take action.   Members of the Action Advocate network receive: COSAC employees advocate on behalf of families and individuals with autism by meeting with legislators and government officials, testifying or providing written comments on pending legislation or government initiatives, and participating on numerous committees and coalitions that address issues affecting the autism community. We regularly inform our membership of the outcomes of these activities through information in UpDate, COSAC’s newsletter, and on this site. For more information about COSAC’s Government Affairs & Advocacy Services, including the Action Advocates for Autism program, please contact: Leslie Long, Director of Public Policy & Systems Advocacy. Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method) Tel: 609-883-8100  x43 Fax: 609-883-5509 Click here to add your name to our mailing list.