What to expect from a COSAC consultation:

COSAC’s consultation services are designed to assist non-specialized programs in meeting the complex programmatic needs of the children, adolescents, and adults with autism whom they serve. These consultation services may be provided in conjunction with the training workshops. COSAC staff has expertise in many aspects of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). Information about fees is available from the Coordinator of Professional Services. When an agency requests COSAC services, staff will provide an orientation regarding COSAC’s consultation services to determine the appropriateness of these services to address the needs of the agency. The orientation will be conducted via telephone. The agency will be asked to complete a written questionnaire. Following the receipt of the completed questionnaire, a consultation will be scheduled, if the reason for consultation is within COSAC’s competencies.An agency can expect the consultation to include the following basic elements. An observation and possible videotaping of the individual with autism interacting with staff and agency facilities, along with a review of relevant records, including written treatment plans, IFSP/IEP/IHP goals and objectives, progress notes, and other pertinent information. COSAC emphasizes the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders such as agency administrators, teaching staff, and parents/guardians in the consultation process. If needed, agency personnel not directly involved in the consultation process (e.g., speech or occupational therapists, transportation personnel, etc.) will be consulted. Staff training may be provided, if requested and within the scope of COSAC’s services. A written report summarizing theobservations and recommendations will be provided to the agency staff and the parent/guardian.COSAC provides two types of consultations: program and individual. Program consultations focus on general recommendations in structuring the learning and/or working environment to create a program suited for individuals with autism. Individual consultations are provided to focus on the needs of an individual or student in the program. These short-term consultation services are provided upon request for a maximum of ten hours per agency. Consultation services are available for free to DDD-funded agencies and on a fee-for-service basis for other agencies. For more information about COSAC’s Consultation Services, please contact: Karen Lenard at 609-883-8100 extension 13.