For a comprehensive reading list on numerous autism-related topics, as well as additional information about topics of interest on file in COSAC’s Information and Advocacy Department, you can order COSAC’s “Autism Resource Packet” from the COSAC Store.   For more information just for kids, click here. Adsum Incorporated (Ed.). (1997). In our own words:  Stories by brothers and sisters of children with autism and P.D.D. ISBN: 0965795403. 22 pages. Ages: 12 +. Amenta, C. A. (1992). Russell is extra special: A book about autism for children.  American Psychological Association. ISBN: 0945354444.  32 pages. Ages: 4 – 8. Edwards, B., & Armitage, D. (1999). My Brother Sammy. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press. ISBN: 0761304398. 32 pages. Ages: 4 – 8. Gagnon, E., & Smith Myles, B. (1999). This is Asperger Syndrome. Shawnee Mission, KS: Autism Asperger Publishing Company. ISBN: 0967251419. 20 pages.  Ages: 9 -12. Katz, I., & Ritvo, E. (1993). Joey and Sam. Real Life Storybooks. ISBN: 1882388003.  40 pages. Ages: 5 – 11. Lears, L. (1998). Ian’s walk: A story about autism. Albert Whitman & Company.  ISBN: 0807534803.  32 pages. Ages: 6 – 8. Meyer, D. (2005). The sibling slam book: What it’s really like to have a brother or sister with special needs. Baltimore, MD: Woodbine House. ISBN: 1890627526.152 pages. Meyer, D. (1997). Views from our shoes: growing up with a brother or sister with special needs. Baltimore, MD: Woodbine House. ISBN: 0933149980. 114 pages. Ages: 9 – 12. Meyer, D., & Vadasy, P. (1996).  Living with a brother or sister with special needs: A book for sibs. University of Washington Press. ISBN: 0295975474.~144 pages. About Grade 5 reading level. Rosenberg, M. S. (2000). Everything you need to know when a brother or sister is autistic. Library Binding Rosen Publishing Group. Part of the series Need to Know Library. ISBN: 0823931234. Sullivan, C. (2001). I love my brother: A preschooler’s view of living with a brother who has autism.  Phat Art 4 Pub.  ISBN: 0970658117. Thompson, M. (1992). My Brother Matthew. Baltimore, MD: Woodbine House. ISBN: 0933149476.  26 pages. Ages: 5 – 10. Thompson, M. (1996). Andy and His Yellow Frisbee. Woodbine House. ISBN: 0933149832. 21 pages. Ages: 6 – 8. Twatchman-Cullen, D. (1999). Trevor Trevor. Starfish Specialty Press. ISBN: 0966652908.  44 pages. Ages: 5 – 10. Vermeulen, P. (2000). I am special: Introducing children and young people to their autism spectrum disorder. London:  Jessica Kingsley Publishers. ISBN: 1853029165. 78 pages. Werlin, N. (1996). Are you alone on purpose?  NY: Ballantine Books, Inc. ISBN: 0449704459.  184 pages. Ages 12+.