Parent Series on Behavioral Intervention & Educational Rights
and Home-Based Consultation Services

Parent Series
This series of classes is presented four times per year at various locations throughout New Jersey. This series is designed for parents who have children with autism, PDD-NOS, “autistic-like” behaviors, and related developmental disabilities.

Parents and other family members can be the best teachers a child with autism will ever have. Thus, COSAC teaches family members those techniques that have been demonstrated to be effective with individuals with autism to increase the family’s likelihood of an improved outcome. Behavioral treatment offers a systematic and well-researched approach to teaching appropriate behaviors and decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Most individuals with pervasive developmental disorders have an expanded repertoire of skills and increased quality of life when the treatment is implemented in a person-centered, positive, and consistent manner. The Parent Series on Behavioral Intervention focuses on this type of assessment and teaching, formally known as applied behavior analysis (ABA).

The classes cover the following information: how to define and analyze behavior, how behaviors are learned, the components of successful teaching, and safely reducing inappropriate behaviors. Other important classes include information on advocacy, special education rights, and parent and professional collaboration. COSAC staff presents the series using a combination of lecture, videotape, and group participation activities.

COSAC’s 2005-06 Parent Series will be held in Somerset,Ocean, Sussex/Morris and Cape May Counties.  Be sure to visit our COSAC News & Events page for details about the next Parent Series.
Essex County Parent Series
When:  October 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th
Where:  The Children’s Insitute, 1 Sunset Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044
Time:  9:30am – 2:30pm
Cost:  Free
For more information, please contact Barbara Wells at [email protected] or (609) 883-8100 x 45.  Contact Barbara Wells @ 609-883-8100 x 45 or e-mail her at [email protected] for more information.
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Home-Based Consultation Services
Home-based consultation sessions may be available to eligible families who participate in the Parent Series. This short-term service is designed to assist parents increase their problem-solving skills and apply the information learned during the class to their child in the home and community. Families will be asked to complete a thorough assessment of their child’s skills and goals for the months ahead. COSAC staff will review the information with the parents to assess the family’s needs. COSAC staff will also monitor the progress the family makes and provide assistance to the consultant when necessary. If the requested services are beyond COSAC’s areas of expertise, COSAC will attempt to furnish appropriate referrals to the family.

Consideration for eligibility is based in part on the number of classes attended. Also, families receiving similar services from their school program or a private source are not eligible for COSAC services. Home-based services, like all of COSAC’s Parent Services, are free of charge to parents of a child with autism or related developmental disability in New Jersey.

For more information about the Parent Series or home-based consultation services , please contact:

Germaine Ibrahim, Coordinator of Parent Services
[email protected] (preferred contact method)
Fax: (609) 883-5509
(609) 883-8100 x41