Public Policy Agenda

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Public Policy Agenda

Autism New Jersey ensures that the needs of its constituents are addressed through meetings with legislations and government officials, testimony and written comments on bending initiatives and participation on committees and coalitions addressing topics such as: early intervention, special education, adult services and health insurance.

Autism New Jersey’s 2013 Public Policy Agenda


  • Encourage innovative housing legislation
  • Reduce waiting list for Community Care Waiver
  • Establish plans and schedules to close five developmental centers in ten years in order to free up resources for community placements and fulfill Olmstead legal requirements
  • Consult with developers, service providers, Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and Department of Human Services (DHS) on autism-friendly residential community placements

Education Reform

  • Promote the availability of a continuum of appropriate educational placements
  • Increase the knowledge of autism and evidence-based intervention for school personnel

Dissemination of Credible and Reliable Information

  • Increase transparency and accountability of government agencies through legislation
  • Facilitate collaboration with government and private agencies to develop and disseminate information to avoid duplication and promote efficient and convenient access
  • Advise and educate elected and appointed officials on issues that impact the autism community

Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Expand state recognition of Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) credentials to formally codify the qualifications of those who practice Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Crisis Intervention

  • Enhance state and private capacity to meet the needs of individuals and families before, during and after behavioral crises

Autism New Jersey’s Public Policy Department relies 100% on the support of our friends in the community for the financial means to support our advocacy and to implement our agenda. The value of this work is apparent and the benefit to the community is significant. You can help by supporting Autism New Jersey.

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