Adult Services (21+)

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Adult Services (21+)

Local school districts are responsible for providing services to students with disabilities through age 21; other state funding sources assume the responsibility for services after individuals graduate from school. Services for people with disabilities over age 21 are referred to as ‘adult services’ and, just as the autism spectrum covers a wide range of functional abilities, so do services and supports for adults with disabilities. This area of the website will review the current state of autism services for adults in New Jersey. 

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

The primary source of services for adults with autism and related disabilities is the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  DDD provides funding for residential services, day/vocational services and family support services such as respite.  Additionally, DDD provides case managment and other supports.  Learn more>>

Funding for Adult Services (Medicaid; Social Security)

The primary funding vehicle for services is Medicaid’s Community Care Waiver (CCW).  Social Security provides additional funding.  Learn more>>


In addition to DDD, the Division of Vocational and Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) is another important state government resource for helping individuals with autism obtain and keep a job. There are additional resources available to help. Learn more>>


Obtaining appropriate residential services can be a challenge.  Waiting lists for services can be long. Learn more>>

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