Contact government agencies

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Contact government agencies

Autism New Jersey’s advocacy activities include monitoring and providing feedback to state and federal legislatures and public administrations on policies that affect services and supports for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Click on the links below for information regarding relevant public agencies and service systems:

Federal Agencies
New Jersey State Agencies

For more detailed information about each agency and the services they provide for the autism community, please contact each agency or visit its website.

Making Advocacy Navigation Easier

Let Autism New Jersey be your “GPS.”  

We recognize that accessing services via these public agencies can be challenging.  Navigating a complex service delivery system can be difficult.  We hope the Government Agency information provided will help you better understand the service-delivery landscape and gain access to services to which you may be eligible and entitled. 

Autism New Jersey has worked with these agencies for decades.  If you encounter obstacles, hit “road blocks,” or feel lost along the way, let us be your guide.  Contact us at 800.4.AUTISM for support. Visit our Events section for upcoming advocacy workshops.  Additional resources can be found in our Hot Topics section.  

We are here for you. 

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