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When a child receives a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), parents are immediately faced with many important decisions. Choosing a treatment for your child can be a confusing and overwhelming process. While you can easily find information about a variety of treatment approaches, sometimes the extensive amount of information available makes it more difficult to navigate the decision process.

Treatment Recommendations

The following Autism New Jersey publications and information can assist you in this process:

Autism New Jersey Position Statements






Autism New Jersey's Position Statement on Treatment Recommendations

Applied Behavior Analysis: An Introduction






Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism: An Introduction
Available for order

Understanding Autism

Ultimately, it is suggested that families choose the intervention that has the highest likelihood of success for their child and is a good match for the family.


Additional Resources

It is essential for parents to review all of the options carefully in order to make informed treatment decisions for their child.

Use these helpful interview questions when evaluating potential treatments.

Visit the following websites for additional information to help you make treatment decisions:

National Autism Center Standards Report

Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)

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