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Advocate for the Autism Community

COSAC’s Government Affairs & Advocacy Services

COSAC’s government affairs and advocacy services provide the community with information on the laws, regulations and government programs that impact people with autism and their families. We strive to increase families’ understanding of their rights under the laws, to provide them with the most up-to-date information on changes to these laws or new initiatives, and to foster the development of their advocacy skills. Our mission is to empower families to advocate on their own behalf and on behalf of the autism community as a whole.

Parents as Advocates

COSAC is committed to assisting parents in becoming advocates for their children and the autism community as a whole. COSAC has organized a network, the Action Advocates for Autism, that is committed to helping New Jersey’s state government find new and better ways of providing services to people with autism and their families. By sharing their personal experiences and concerns with legislators and other state officials, parents can secure an enriched future for individuals with autism. COSAC can communicate the needs of our community, but the testimony, letters and calls of parents and people with autism convince legislators to take action. Members of the Action Advocate network receive:

n A welcome packet with information about the legislative process, contact information for their elected representatives, and other advocacy related materials;

n Action Alerts throughout the year asking them to write or call their state officials about pending legislation or government initiatives;

n Government Watch, a quarterly publication intended to keep the Advocates current on legislation and government initiatives that affect New Jersey’s autism community;

n Requests to provide public testimony to a legislative committee or public board;

n and special invitations to COSAC’s advocacy-related events.

COSAC as an Advocate

COSAC staff advocates on behalf of families and individuals with autism through meeting with legislators and government officials, testifying or providing written comments on pending legislation or government initiatives, and participating on numerous committees and coalitions that address issues that impact our community. We inform our membership of the outcomes of these activities through a monthly column in UpDate, COSAC’s newsletter, and on this site.

For more information about COSAC’s Government Affairs & Advocacy Services (including the Action Advocates for Autism program), please contact:

Art Ball, Director of Government Affairs

[email protected] (preferred contact method)

Fax: (609) 883-5509

(609) 883-8100 x43