COSAC Government Watch

COSAC’s Government Affairs Activities

Advocacy is essential to COSAC´s mission to improve the lives of individuals with autism and
their families. As New Jersey’s Autism Resource, COSAC advises state and federal decision makers,
treatment professionals and educators, the media, families and the general public on the laws and
regulations that impact individuals with ASDs and the autism community.

Additionally, we work to foster and expand the advocacy skills of the autism community, and
empower those affected by autism to bring about positive changes in their own communities and beyond.

To learn about COSAC´s current public policy initiatives, its positions on issues, or what
you can do to help, click on the first link above: Learn about current autism policy initiatives. To access easy-to-use tools that help you contact decision-makers and the media, click on Go to COSAC’s Advocacy Tools. To learn more about the advocacy process and how you can become a better advocate, click on Tips for Advocates. For more about government agencies and their contact information, click on Contact government agencies.

The most important thing you can do is to sign up as a COSAC Action Advocate. When
you do, you’ll automatically receive email alerts that will help you make a difference when it matters most.