COSAC is involved in many public awareness projects, including those that connect New Jersey’s autism community to media, collaborate with Jersey’s religious and faith-based organizations, focus on disability and employment issues, foster outreach to New Jersey’s Hispanic community, and involve youth in autism awareness initiatives. This 12-minute production overviews COSAC’s services and introduces viewers to families of children affected by autism. To request a DVD or VHS copy of “COSAC: New Jersey’s Autism Resource,” call Jessica Alloway at 609-883-8100, extension 25. If you are a parent of a child with autism, or a professional working with individuals affected by autism, and willing to be added to COSAC’s directory of media sources, click here to request an application form.A collaboration with the Coalition for Inclusive Ministries and the Boggs Center, the Task Force was created to meet the specific needs of individuals with autism within their respective congregations.  The Task Force aims to develop a resource guide for congregations with strategies and success stories about successful inclusive congregations, as well as information about autism for clergy, religious educators, and congregations. Click here to download the Autism and Faith Task Force Survey.
If you are a Spanish-speaking family affected by autism, or a reporter working on behalf of Hispanic media, click here to learn how to partner with COSAC to provide minority populations with information about COSAC and autism. COSAC’s “Autism Awareness Ambassador Program” helps individuals concerned about autism to raise awareness in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and local communities during April, “National Autism Awareness Month.”  Click here to learn more about the program.