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1. Who organizes the Ride for Autism? 2. What is the mission of Ride for Autism, Inc.? 3. Who works at Ride for Autism, Inc.? 4. Who manages Ride for Autism, Inc.? 5. What happens to the money from the ride? 6. How does COSAC use the money from the ride? 7. What percent of the money raised by the ride goes to COSAC? 8. Where can I find more financial information about Ride for Autism, Inc.? 9. How can I contact Ride for Autism, Inc.? The ride is organized by Ride for Autism, Inc. (RFA) in collaboration with the New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services to the Autism Community (COSAC).  RFA. is a nonprofit New Jersey corporation organized solely for charitable purposes.  RFA is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (IRS EIN 02-0536119) and is registered as a charity with the N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs (Reg. No. CH2134300). 1.      To raise funds to be distributed to other tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations that serve individuals with autism and their families; 2.      To raise awareness about autism in the community, and; 3.      To provide an opportunity for individuals with autism and their families to engage in recreation and socialization RFA has no paid employees.  All the work is done on a volunteer basis by parents, professionals, and community members.  Some functions are outsourced, and where possible, work is contracted out to organizations that hire individuals with autism. RFA is governed by a board that consists of volunteers who receive no compensation for their services.  The current board consists of three individuals who are parents of children with autism:  Andrew Abere (President); Tim Hitzel (Vice President and Secretary); and Vincent Scanelli (Treasurer). Proceeds from the ride are donated to COSAC and its affiliated agencies. Funds donated from the Ride for Autism support COSAC’s efforts to provide information, advocacy, training, and support to families of individuals with autism and the professionals who work with them.  Information about COSAC’s programs and services can be found by utilizing the “About COSAC” and other web menu links above. In 2007, approximately 80% of RFA’s revenues were donated to COSAC and its affiliated agencies.  As for the rest, approximately 15% of revenues went to cover direct costs of the ride while approximately 5% of revenues went to cover administrative costs. You may contact us with your requests.  In addition, a number of our tax returns are available free of charge at You can contact us in one of three ways: 1.  You may phone or fax us at 732-521-2722. 2.  You may email us at [email protected]. 3.  You may mail us at: Ride for Autism, Inc. 522 Hwy. 9, #189 Manalapan, NJ 07726 Back to top