COSAC Leslie Long, Director of Adult Resources



Leslie Long, Director of Adult Resources

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Leslie graduated from Stockton State College where she earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in Gerontology. For more than 16 years, Leslie has assisted individuals with disabilities in the area of employment. She worked on behalf of the National Council on the Aging in Washington, D.C., and coordinated the On-The-Job Training initiative for the New York City Department for the Aging. Leslie directed employment programs for individuals with disabilities throughout New Jersey. She was the Statewide Coordinator for Technical Assistance for the Arc of New Jersey, the Director of Project HIRE and the Statewide Coordinator of Adult Services for the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities. She served on the board of the NJ Association for Supported Employment (NJAPSE) and has presented statewide

on all areas related to supported employment services. Leslie is currently responsible for advocating for increased appropriate services for adults with autism. She is building a list of quality indicators for families to utilize when choosing adult services. She is a recent recipient of the New Jersey Association for Persons in Supported Employment’s Special Tribute Award

“My career has afforded me the opportunity to advocate for the rights of people to have equal access to work and community life. Thanks to COSAC’s philosophy and mission, I’m elated that I can now advocate on behalf of all adults with autism to be included in all aspects of integrated community life.”