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Basic Training Workshop and Consultation Services

We found the COSAC staff to be knowledgeable, informative and passionate – Catholic Community Services

The COSAC presentation reflected a wealth of knowledge regarding autism – Stafford Township School District

Workshop and consultation services are available for free to DDD-funded agencies and for a nominal fee to other agencies.  COSAC staff provide workshops on specific topics requested by the agency.  Topics typically include components of ABA, such as learning theory, behavioral tecahing techniques and functional assessment.  

An agency may also request our Basic Training workshop which covers all the components of ABA.  This ten-hour workshop provides agencies serving individuals with autism with a global understanding of autism and behavioral teaching techniques. Workshop attendees may participate in group activities and role play in order to enhance their understanding of the didactic material.

COSAC’s consultation services are designed to assist non-specialized programs in meeting the complex programmatic needs of the children or adults with autism whom they serve. These consultation services are provided in conjunction with the professional training workshops. Program consultation focuses on general recommendations in structuring the learning and/or working environment to create a program suited for individuals with autism. Individual consultation is provided to focus on the needs of an individual or student in the program. These short-term consultation services are provided upon request for a maximum of ten hours per agency.

For more information about COSAC’s Basic Training Workshop and Consultation Services, please contact: Barbara Wells – 609-883-8100.