Best THC Detox Drinks to Pass a Drug Test 

Weed use can be detected in random urine drug tests for months, necessitating the need for knowledgeable weed smokers to find the best detox drink to pass the test. Detox drinks are beverages useful for the removal of toxins from the body. They help eliminate harmful substances, increase metabolism and improve overall health.

Although random drug tests are not conducted according to any particular timeline, companies may administer them monthly or 3–4 times a year based on their policies. Employers can also schedule drug tests. Drug tests can also be requested in sensitive settings such as child custody claims, probationary hearings, and college, or professional athletic requirements where failure is not an option.

This article will discuss at length, all you need to know about detoxification, detox drinks, pills and kits, the best detox drink for THC drug test, as well as reviews on some well-researched products for detoxification

Best THC Detox Drinks

Top THC Detox Drinks

Weed also known as cannabis, marijuana, or pot is known to be rich in the chemical substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), whose metabolites remain in the body long after the effects of the weed that was taken have worn off. Homemade detox drinks for drug test and synthetic detox drinks also help to mask the metabolites during a drug test.

With this high possibility of detection, questions such as ‘What is the ideal detox cleanse drink for weed’, ‘What is the best marijuana cleanse drink’  and more, need to be answered.

Will Detox Drinks Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Many weed detoxes exist, and their goal is to flush the body of all traces of THC. These include capsules, chewable tablets, beverages, shampoos, and even mouthwashes to pass a saliva test.

Existing in various forms, and colours, marijuana detox drinks are beverages which aim at enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process. They dilute urine to the point where THC metabolites are undetectable and restore the pH, colour, vitamins, and minerals lost during the detoxification process. Dilution process to produce seemingly normal urine. THC detox drinks add vitamins and minerals to your urine sample to mask the presence of its metabolites in the urine.

A major concern by drug users who need to pass a drug test is “Do detox drinks work for weed”? It is important to note that detox drinks only temporarily remove a substantial amount of THC from the body in less than 90 minutes, after which they block THC from being detected for a short period, roughly five hours. THC will return to the system after that window closes and be filtered into urine once more by the kidney.

Detox Pills and Kits

Detox kits frequently consist of high-quality herbal substances specifically chosen to accelerate the body’s natural detoxification process. They can function similarly to detox drinks and often contain the best detox drinks to pass a drug test.  Most detox kits contain B vitamins and cranberry extract, which are excellent at lessening some negative effects of detoxification. Detox kits commonly consist of drinks and clean capsules.

One kit known to effectively detox THC from the body is the Toxin Rid 1-Day Cleanse. Its greatest advantage is that it is made of all-natural substances and helps cleanse the blood, urine, and saliva of THC and its metabolites in as little as an hour. However, where there is more time available to prepare for a drug test, other longer-term kits can be used.

What are the Best Detox Drinks for Weed?

Passing a drug test could form the divide between getting/keeping a job or not, getting custody of your child or losing probation. It is also important to note the process by which it works and the best ones to use.

Review for Detoxify Mega Clean

A premium product from the well-established Detoxify brand. They are commonly known for reliable detox products which serve to eliminate toxins and by-products close to the test period. Mega Clean is an excellent option for individuals with high weed intake and high fat proportion.

A critical ingredient in this detox drink is creatine monohydrate. It circumvents the obstacle of reduced creatinine levels in diluted urine, avoiding suspicions.

Detoxify Mega Clean

Instructions for use

  1. Avoid all drugs, eat well, no greasy meals, no exercise, drink lots of water
  2. Shake the Mega Clean bottle contents vigorously 2 hours before leaving for a test, and drink the whole contents within 15 minutes
  3. Refill the bottle with water and drink for 15 minutes as well.
  4. Urinate at least 2ce over the next hour

Pros and Cons

Benefits Drawback
  • Known as one of the most effective detox drinks
  • A 5-hour window provides the urine with background nutrients that are undetectable during tests.
  • It is also cost-friendly
  • Not efficient in large amounts of toxins


It has an amazing review based on user experience with these scores:

  • Packaging: 4.5/5
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Cost: 3/5
  • Safety: 4.5/5

User Testimonials

Detoxify mega clean review
byu/Ssj2luffy indrugtesthelp

The user was surprised he passed the drug test with flying colours with this product

byu/Ssj2luffy from discussion

The customer passed a court drug test with the product

byu/Fishstick101 from discussion

The user was not satisfied with the outcome of the detox drink for the drug test

Review of QCarbo 32

This detoxifying drink was manufactured by Herbal Cleanse. At herbal cleanse, they make use of several herbs to effect toxins removal from the body.

The presence of dandelion root extract among many other herbs provides diuretic properties, facilitating urination and excretion of toxin.

QCarbo 32

Instructions for use

  • Stop all meals 2 hours before taking this drink
  • Shake properly for proper mixing of ingredients
  • Drink the whole contents of the bottle within a steady time frame of 10 minutes
  • After 30 minutes, refill the bottle with water and drink over 10 minutes as well
  • Urinate frequently

Pros and Cons

Benefits Drawback
  • Multiple B vitamins that help to mask dilution effects
  • Various flavours are available, including tropical and grape
  • Contains natural diuretics which aid urination, pushing out toxins and masking THC
  • It contains various herbs, which have often been said to show side effects such as allergies and increased bowel movement.


Q Carbo 32 has a great user experience with the following scoring highlights:

  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Speed: 4.5/5
  • Cost: 4/5
  • Safety: 4/5

User Testimonials

Passing a drug test using QCarbo 32
byu/jailbreakbeats indrugtesthelp

The user passed the court drug test with the product

byu/jailbreakbeats from discussion

The customer passed the pre-employment drug test with the product

QCarbo32 is not good
byu/Shoddy-Ad3744 inDrugtests

The user had a negative experience with the product

Things to Note about Urine Drug Tests During the Detox Process

    1. Large intakes of protein-rich foods, such as eggs or an intake of creatinine supplements can increase creatinine levels which are usually reduced by detox drinks. Make sure you urinate at least 3ce on the day of the test before attempting to submit any samples.
    2. As much as it depends on you, schedule your urine test for later in the day, to give ample time for you to urinate a lot before submitting your sample.
    3. Avoid any contact with weed, even passively.
    4. Aspirin is known to reduce the signals in the Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay technique (EMIT) applied in urine tests. About 4×325 mg tablets taken 4–5 hours before your test increase the chance of having a false negative result.
    5. Stop all exercises. Exercise burns fats, and drives the THC stored in the fat cells into your bloodstream, making them easily detectable.
    6. Detox drinks dilute urine, in trying to mask THC, to avoid colourless urine easily suspected or rejected by the labs, taking B vitamins colours the urine.
    7. It is of great importance to use detox products that mostly circumvent this, to avoid being accused of cheating. The best cleansing drinks and pills contain these, avoid those without.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a THC Detox Drink?

A beverage which serves as an alternative for detoxification in people who do not have the option of multiple-day detox like other detox methods such as abstinence, rehab programs etc.

Do THC Detox Drinks Work?

Yes, they do. It is much more important to note that your chances of detoxing are higher with detox drinks than without, especially when undergoing any form of test.

How Do You Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

The most guaranteed way is through abstinence, allowing metabolites to leave your system with time gradually. However, when time is of the essence in a random drug test, your next best option includes detox drinks, kits and pills, plus or minus synthetic urine.

What Drinks Can Clean Your System from Weed?

There are different THC detox drinks for drug tests. Many of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Reviewing each product and gaining insight into how it can help you effectively is important.


Detox drinks are a go-to for a quick drug test, as they mask the metabolites for drug use while carrying out the test. It is significant to review different products before using them for a detox drug test. This will ensure that you are familiar with it and can identify the usage patterns.

Detox Mega Clean and QCarbo 32 are two great products, with Detox Mega Clean known for its effectiveness and Q Carbo 32 known for its quick action. You can check out these products and utilize them for your drug test whenever the need arises.