Should I Choose V2 Cigs or Green Smoke?

There are a lot of electronic cigarettes that are being sold in the market nowadays. This can give people a hard time selecting which one they should go for. That is why we have provided this review for two of the leading providers of electronic cigarettes today. Both V2 Cigs and Green Smoke have proven that they both deserve to be at the top for customers to choose. Take a look below to learn more about each brand today.

V2 Cigs

The electronic cigarette community around the world have seen how V2 Cigs have grown from a minor company towards one of the most popular in the market. You can already see a lot of positive reviews going around for V2 Cigs at this time. There are many websites that rank the brand as the number 1 choice for customers.

A lot of people love the products from the brand because of their stable prices, v2 cigs coupons, consistency and innovative features. During the first tests that we have made on their starter kits, we were all amazed at how much their products have improved over the years. People enjoyed the flavors even if there were only several options to choose from.

The standard v2 flavors that we have today from V2 Cigs are Congress, Menthol, Red and quite a few more. You can also find three limited edition flavors here. People that were once menthol cigarette smokers can try the flavor of the same type from V2 Cigs right now. However, it is also possible to create customized flavors by mixing various tastes together.

One more way that we can see how V2 Cigs show their dedication for more innovation is through the powerful e-cigarettes they keep providing. Before, the initial electronic cigarettes from the brand were quite lacking. But now the new 4.2V batteries that they provide energize the atomizer at a faster rate and gives larger vapors overall.

Aside from that, you can also expect that the batteries and other accessories that the company provides are all 100% effective and durable. Many customers would shy away immediately once they find out that the battery or some other accessory provided to them were insufficient. This is something that you will not have to worry about with V2 Cigs which is why it is ranked as one of the best today.

The advanced technology that V2 Cigs have are all being applied to their unique starter kits. Folks that are looking to try out electronic cigarettes for the first time can go for the Express Kit. There are also the disposable devices which are a cheap and fast option. It is however recommended that people get one of their starter kits with a couple of batteries at least to experience it fully.

Smokers who are always in need of a cigarette dose especially when they are driving can try the Power Cig from the brand. There is also the car adapter accessory which will allow you to recharge your batteries even while traveling. You will not have to worry about a dead battery if you have extras that you can use while recharging.

The large list of accessories that are being provided at V2 Cigs allows customers to maximize their customization as much as possible. Whether you are in search for an accessible e-cigarette or a portable charging device, you have everything covered at V2 Cigs right now. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about what they have to offer.

With that being said, let us take a look at another brand that has been in the top lists of electronic cigarette providers. Green Smoke will also provide everything that you are looking for so continue reading below to find out.

Green Smoke

The company is among the most popular brands today within the electronic cigarette market. Known for providing higher tastes, outstanding vapor volume along with ease of use, Green Smoke is consistently ranked within the top 5 best brands online. Allow us to explain why this is the case or you can always read green smoke reviews to get the complete low down on this brand.

Electronic cigarettes from Green Smoke have the same taste, feel and look with that of traditional cigarettes. Users will no longer need an ashtray or lighter because these devices are powered with batteries. Aside from that, they do not leave cigarette butts or trails of ashes when finished. The authentic smoking experience will however be experienced by users minus the harmful effects of tobacco. Although the vapor is odorless, nicotine is still delivered upon use.

Each of the cartomizers from Green Smoke are equal to about 30 cigarettes inside a package. There are a number of variables that we will have to look into when counting the actual number of puffs needed. This will include the strength and length of each inhale for users. There are four ingredients found inside each cartomizer. This includes the USP Grade vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavoring and then the nicotine solution.

There are currently seven flavors to choose from Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. Their absolute tobacco flavor offers a sweet yet natural tobacco taste for users. The red label is similar to that of a cigarette tobacco coupled with a woody flavor. Their tobacco gold offers a rich blend of tobacco tastes that are sure to fire up any tobacco fan.

What makes Green Smoke one of the best is that their flavor tastes just like the real deal. One example is that of their Mocha and Chocolate flavors that taste very much like coffee and Hershey’s. Aside from that, people can expect a regular menthol flavor from the Green Smoke Menthol Ice provided by the brand.

You will find five nicotine strength levels when buying cartridges from Green Smoke. As there is a major difference between traditional cigarettes and e-cigs, users may have to try out the different levels first. This is so that they will know which strength will be suitable for their use. Majority of the users from Green Smoke eventually switch towards the zero nicotine levels because they can still enjoy satisfying experiences.

With regards to batteries, only automatic devices are provided as of now. Their longer batteries provide approximately 400 puffs before the device will require charging. This amount is equal to that of 33 cigarettes overall. The shorter ones would last around 300 puffs for each charge or is equivalent to 25 cigarettes total. People should decide on which battery they believe is best for them.

For an exclusive price, users can obtain the Green Smoke Super Pack which would include the short and long batteries in green or red glowing options. There is also the Designer E-Cigarettes from Green Smoke which will let people stand out from the crowd whenever they are being used.

As a final note, the electronic cigarettes from Green Smoke truly outperforms most of the competition with regards to flavor, battery life and vapor volume. No wonder it is considered within the top 5 providers today. The responsiveness that their products provide are truly impressive. A single drag from their unit can provide a huge amount of realistic smoke already. This is very satisfying for users at this time.

Now that we know what these two brands have to offer, go ahead and check out what each has to offer by trying their products now!